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Shipping Date May 2023
Price ¥7,700
Announce Date Apr 25, 2023AM 11:59
Sales Status Not Available

Preorders can be placed from (Tue) Apr 25, 2023, 11:59 JST until (Wed) Apr 26, 2023, 11:59 JST.


<LOVELY SUSHI-L.A. Mechatro>Limited items! We are pleased to announce the sale of the lottery.

 [LOVELY SUSHI-L.A. Mechatro by lottery.]

Shipping: May
Lottery Period: April 25, 11:59 - April 26, 11:59 (Japan time)
*Please note The lottery will be open for 24 hours.
Lottery results: Only winners will be notified on April 27.

*This product is sold by lottery. You will receive an email if you win the lottery for the opportunity to purchase the item.
You will not receive any emails to informing that you lost the lottery.
*When you apply for the lottery, we assume that you have read, agreed, and understood the following Terms & Conditions:
・To apply for the lottery, you need to register an account on Sentinel Store (free of charge).
・The number of lottery application is limited to one per person.
・Order Cancellation after application is not accepted.
・Some payment methods are not available.
・The credit of the registered card is obtained when applying for the lottery, payment is processed/performed after the lottery winners have been announced.
・We do not answer any inquiries regarding the results of the Lottery.
*Prepaid cards such as debit cards, gift cards, and etc. (or cards with payment methods different from ordinary credit cards) are not accepted.
If you use the aforementioned cards by any chance, Your lottery application will be withdrawn immediately, Please note that you did not win the lottery due to this.
If you are rejected due to registering Prepaid cards, the refund will be made to your account after a certain period.
*To receive emails regarding the lottery, please set it so that you can receive emails from the domain "", by whitelisting the domain and creating a special filter on your email.
*Promotional photos may differ slightly from the actual product.
*As the painting of the product is done by hand, there are some differences among each produced product. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
*Since this is a lottery sale, if there is an issue or problem with the product, we will refund it as per policy.
*Customer support period is within 7 days upon delivery of the product.
*Purchases from 3rd Party Sellers outside of Sentinel Store will not be given any form of After Sales Support or Customer Support.
*As for the packaging, it is a protective material of the product, The packaging is designed to protect the product. We do not accept any claims regarding the packaging of the product. 

Product Details
Manufacturer Sentinel
Series SUSHI-L.A.
Specifications SUSHI-L.A.