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JAN Code 4571335881924
Release Date Oct 2018
Announce Date Jun 22, 2018PM 12:00
Stock Status Not Available
Product details
"Introducing SUSHI-L.A., an artist collaboration soft vinyl from Sentinel!
Tasty cute soft vinyl figures hit the market: a smash-up of sushi, monsters, and the art of Nakao Teppei - famous for illustrations in magazines and advertisements!
The clear, illustration-like nigiri topping gives a trendy, hip feeling.
The milky rice part is just a little bit translucent, giving it a mouthwatering appeal.
During production, the colors of the nigiri topping and rice part are kept separated, creating a 3D effect not commonly seen in other products. 
Every step of the design was considered - keeping in mind the balance with the rice, the molding of the topping was pushed to the ideal shape. The first ones out are tuna (lean) and shrimp (boiled)!
<About SUSHI L.A.>
Height: About 110 millimeters
Weight: 240 grams (about the same as one heaping scoop of rice)
Appearances: Non-revolving sushi spots
Weapon: Wasabi Liquid
These sushi monsters were born in a Los Angeles sushi restaurant, when the chef tried to make ""extra-big nigiris with extra-big helpings of wasabi."" The super-spicy wasabi caused a mutation, and the sushis grew eyes and arms and legs.
As they walk, grains of rice stick to the ground one by one and fall off.
After 100 steps they lose their legs, die, and just become regular nigiri.
The ""neta"" (sushi topping) riding along from the head to the back can be removed like a hermit crab, and switching the netas around results in a sushi array with a variety of personalities.
If a regular-sized sushi gets hit with the ""wasabi cannon"" weapon, it comes to life and a new sushi monster is born.
Sometimes the wasabi cannon overflows onto their own head and they die.
<Profile of Nakao Teppei>
Nakao Teppei: Osaka-born. After graduating from Osaka University of the Arts, he started working at an ad agency.
After graduating from Setsu Mode Seminar, he began working as an illustrator.
His illustrations are notable for their unique sensibility, expressing his personal outlook.
Along with doing cover illustrations and ads for magazines such as Hawaii outdoors publications, he also occasionally exhibits at events such as the ""Yurufuwa Frisbee Picnic"" and the nighttime crosscultural event ""Yorufuwa.""
He also participates in outdoor events like Frisbee Paint Workshop.
Recently he held a personal exhibition called ""#From downtime between work and kids"" in Tokyo and Osaka. 
<Notes regarding this product>
The majority of work in these pieces is done by hand.
A characteristic of soft vinyl is that unique irregularities can occur as a result of the manufacturing process,
so there may be small bubbles, unevenness in coating, or gaps.
Please be advised that returns are not accepted for these pieces.
Please be advised that there may be differences in the placement of coating, shape, or color from the pictures.
Conception/Creation: Sentinel
- Orders can be placed until 2nd July 2018 at 21:00JST.

- A maximum of 3 of this product are available per person. Orders that include more than this limit will be cancelled.
Manufacture Gentinel
Series SUSHI-L.A.
Specifications Material:PVC